#1 - 1965 MGB

Acquired: Spring 1980; Sold: Spring 1981

Firsts: 1st car period; 1st British car; 1st inline 4-cylinder engine; 1st front engine rear wheel drive; 1st dual-carb; 1st stick shift; 1st 2-door convertible; 1st 2-seater; 1st wire wheels

1st MG

Back story


#2 - 1973 Dodge Challenger

Acquired: Summer 1981; Sold: Summer 1982

Firsts: 1st American car; 1st V8 engine; 1st 4-barrel carb; 1st automatic; 1st 2-door hardtop

1st Dodge

Back story


#3 - 1972 Citroën DS21

Acquired: Summer 1982; Disabled: Summer 1983; Sold: Summer 1984

Firsts: 1st French car; 1st hemi engine; 1st semi-automatic transmission; 1st front-mid-engine layout; 1st front-wheel-drive; 1st 4door sedan; 1st leather interior

1st Citroën

Back story


#4 - c.1970 VW Van

Acquired: Summer 1983; Sold: Summer 1983

Firsts: 1st German car; 1st horizontally-opposed engine; 1st air-cooled engine; 1st rear engine; 1st van

1st VW

Back story


#5 - 1974 Renault R12

Acquired: Winter 1984; Sold: Fall 1986

Firsts: First forward engine layout

1st Renault

Back story


#6 - 1981 Renault R5 (Le Car)

Acquired: Fall 1986; Abandoned: Fall 1987

Firsts: 1st 3-door hatchback

2nd Renault

Back story


Failed Project - 1973 Volvo P1800ES

Acquired: Summer 1987; Abandoned: Winter 1990

Firsts: 1st Swedish car; 1st Volvo; 1st "project" car; 1st 2-door station wagon

Back story


#7 - 1985 Renault R9 (Alliance) Convertible

Acquired: Winter 1988; Sold: Summer 1991

Firsts: 1st transversely-mounted engine; 1st overhead cam; 1st fuel injection (throttle body); 1st A/C; 1st used car dealer purchase

3rd Renault

Back story


#8 - 1972 BMW 2002

Acquired: Spring 1989; Unloaded: Summer 1992

Firsts: 1st "second car."

1st BMW

Back story


#9 - 1978 VW Van

Acquired: Winter 1990; Sold: Summer 1992

Firsts: 1st fuel injection (multi-port)

2nd VW

Back story


Collection 1991



#10 - 1980 Volkswagen Westfalia

Acquired: Spring 1992; Left Derelict: Summer 1997

Firsts: 1st pop-top

3rd VW

Back story


Collection 1993



#11 - 1982 VW Quantum Wagon

Acquired: Spring 1994; Scrapped: Winter 1995

Firsts: 1st 4-door station wagon

4th VW

Back story


#12 - 1981 Subaru 4WD Wagon

Acquired: Spring 1994; Scrapped: Summer 1994

Firsts: 1st Japanese car; 1st 4WD

1st Subaru

Back story


Muck Truck - 19?? VW Bus

Acquired: c.Summer 1995; Left Derelict: Summer 2003

Firsts: No firsts

Back story


#13 - 1972 Citroën DS21

Acquired: Spring 1997; Parked: Winter 2000; Hauled Away: Summer 2015

Firsts: No firsts

2nd Citroën

Back story


#14 - 1986 Renault R11 (Encore)

Acquired: Spring 1996; Gifted: Fall 1999

Firsts: No firsts

4th Renault

Back story


#15 - 1982 Renault Fuego Turbo

Acquired: Summer 1998; Left Derelict: Fall 2000; Totaled: Summer 2003

Firsts: 1st turbo

5th Renault

Back story


Lawn Ornament - 1971 DS21 Break

Acquired: Fall 1998

Firsts: 1st intentional "lawn ornament"

Back story


#16 - 1961 Citroën ID19

Acquired: Fall 1998

Firsts: 1st column shift

3rd Citroën

Back story


#17 - 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

Acquired: Fall 1999; Totaled: Summer 2003

Firsts: 1st showroom new car

5th VW

Back story


Failed Project - 1957 Renault 4CV

Acquired: c.Summer 2001; Sold: Fall 2005

Firsts: 1st reverse-suicide doors

Back story


#18 - 1985 Ford F150 "Explorer"

Acquired: Summer 2003; Sold: Fall 2009

Firsts: 1st inline 6-cylinder engine; 1st pickup truck; 1st trailer hitch

1st Ford

Back story


#19 - 1984 Pontiac Fiero

Acquired: Fall 2002; Parked: Winter 2005; Sold: Spring 2008

Firsts: 1st transverse mid-engine; 1st "wedge"; 1st sunroof; 1st fiberglass body

1st Pontiac

Back story


Failed Project - 1972 Triumph Spitfire MkIV

Acquired: Summer 2004; Parked: Ever since

Firsts: 1st Triumph; 1st eBay purchase

Back story


#20 - 1982 Renault Alliance 4-door

Acquired: Fall 2003; Parked: Summer 2004; Gifted: Fall 2007

Firsts: No firsts

6th Renault

Back story


#21 - 1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Acquired: Spring 2004; Sold: Fall 2005

Firsts: 1st V6 engine; 1st hood ornament; 1st eBay sale

1st Oldsmobile

Back story


#22 - 1996 BMW Z3

Acquired: Fall 2004

Firsts: 1st dual overhead cam engine; 1st cruise control; 1st power windows;

2nd BMW

Back story


#23 - 1997 Geo/Chevy Metro

Acquired: Summer 2005; Sold: Spring 2008

Firsts: No firsts

1st Geo

Back story


#24 - 1984 Renault Fuego

Acquired: Spring 2005; Sold: Spring 2021

Firsts: No firsts

7th Renault

Back story


#25 - 2007 Toyota Yaris

Acquired: Fall 2008; Sold: Summer 2015

Firsts: No firsts

1st Toyota

Back story


#26 - 1993 Ford F150 4WD

Acquired: Fall 2009; Sold: Spring 2010

Firsts: No firsts

2nd Ford

Back story


#27 - 1993 Ford F150 4WD take-2

Acquired: Summer 2010; Sold: Fall 2019

Firsts: No firsts

3rd Ford

Back story


#28 - 1987 Jaguar XJ6 Vanden Plas

Acquired: Summer 2009; Sold: Summer 2012

Firsts: 1st real wood dashboard

1st Jaguar

Back story


Collection 2009



#29 - 2004 Chrysler Crossfire

Acquired: Fall 2010; Traded in: Fall 2012

Firsts: No firsts

1st Chrysler

Back story


Collection 2010



#30 - 1978 Lotus Esprit

Acquired: Spring 2011

Firsts: 1st true mid-engined layout

1st Lotus

Back story


#31 - 2001 Ford F150

Acquired: Winter 2012; Sold: Summer 2013

Firsts: No Firsts

4th Ford

Back story


#32 - 2004 Volkswagen Phaeton

Acquired: Fall 2012 Sold: Winter 2021

Firsts: 1st in-dash infotainment system;

6th VW

Back story


#33 - 1993 Ford F350

Acquired: Winter 2014

Firsts: 1st diesel; 1st "dually" (i.e. 1st 6-wheeled vehicle);

5th Ford

Back story


#34 - 1991 Volvo 240

Acquired: Spring 2014; Gifted: Summer 2014

Firsts: No firsts

1st Volvo

Back story


#35 - 1973 Volvo 1800ES

Acquired: Summer 2014

Firsts: No firsts

2nd Volvo

Back story


#36 - 2015 Honda Fit

Acquired: Summer 2015

Firsts: 1st CVT; 1st 5-door hatchback

1st Honda

Back story


Collection 2015



Pending Project - Renault R16

Acquired: Spring 2016

Firsts: No firsts

8th Renault (pending restoration)

Back story


#37 - 1955 Citroen Traction Avant

Acquired: Summer 2018

Firsts: 1st right-hand-drive; 1st "old timer"

4th Citroën

Back story


Kei Truck
1993 Diahatsu Scrum Autozam

Acquired: Summer 2019

Firsts: 1st flatbed pickup truck; 1st cab-over; 1st axel lock

1st Daihatsu

Back story


#38 - 1968 Volkswagen Beetle

Acquired: Summer 2019; Long Term Loan: 2019

Firsts: 1st Classic Beetle FINALLY!!!

7th VW

Back story


#39 - 1987 Volkswagen Westfalia

Acquired: Fall 2019

Firsts: 1st water-boxer

8th VW

Back story


Collection 2020



#40 - 1980 Fiat X1/9

Acquired: Summer 2022

Firsts: 1st Italian car; 1st targa top

1st Fiat

Back story


#41 - 2008 Chevrolet Uplander

Acquired: February 2024; Traded in: 7 days 4 hours later

Firsts: 1st Chevrolet

1st Chevrolet

Back story


#44 - 2008 Volvo C30

Acquired: February 2024

Firsts: 1st inline 5 cyliner

3rd Volvo

Back story


On The Hunt

Luxury Sedan

My collection isn't complete without a luxury sedan in it, and it's been a gap ever since I sold the Phaeton. These are the cars that I'm considering to fill that need.

Cadillac Fleetwood (71-76)

Checker Marathon

Chrysler 300

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II

Retirement Runabout

When I'm retired I'm going to need something to drive to the gym every day and run errands. It would be a good opportunity to go electric because range won't be an issue since this would only be for local trips. My wishlist car is the Microlino, inspired by the famed BMW Isetta bubble car. They're currently being made in Switzerland for the European market. My hope is that by the time I retire they will be exporting to the USA.


Vintage Import

It's become possible to import cars not otherwise available to the US market if they're older than a certain age. This is my short list.

Renault 4

Sports Cars

I'm still on the lookout for more cars just to add to my collection. Criteria revolve around performance and driveability in the steep and windy roads in the Finger Lakes.

Chevrolet Corvette C3 (disco era t-tops)

Subaru XT6 Turbo

Bucket List(s)

The following cars are what I would say are on my bucket list. Some are cars that I've dreamed of and still long for. Some are models that caught my eye, and would be something I might take if it fell in my lap. Others are models of notably eccentric distinction. Many are astronomically unavailable, but I list them here because they're the ones I prefer over other astronomically unavailable cars. In its whole, this list is a full-spectrum survey of my automotive tastes.

My Never-Haves

  • V12 engine
  • Rotary engine
  • Supercharged engine
  • True roadster (side curtains)
  • Electric car

Dream Car Short List

If money were no object, and availability were magically a non-issue, this list is my true "bucket list." It is roughly in priority order.

Jaguar XKE Series 2 (convertible)

Ford GT40 Mk I (homologation)

Shelby Cobra 289 "slab side"

Aston Martin DBS (60's)

Renault R5 Turbo (homologation)


Full Bucket List

The following list of cars represent cars I would actually pursue if I had the time and money, cars I fantasize about owning even though there's effectively no possibility, cars that I would take if someone gave them to me, and in some cases cars that I've always had a cheeky appreciation for and want to recognize even if I wouldn't really want one in my collection.

Alfa Romeo 8C

Alfa Romeo Spyder (early slim tail)

AMC Pacer

AMC Matador


Aston Martin Lagonda

Audi Fox (early)

Austin Healey Sprite "Bugeye"

Austin Mini (original)

BMW 507

BMW 850 V12



Buick Reatta

Buick Riviera (boat tail)

Bugatti Royale

Cadillac Eldorado (convertible; any year)

Cadillac Limousine (60's-70's)

Cadillac Seville (retro tail)

Checker Marathon Aerobus (sedan-back; cusom limo conversion)

Chevrolet Corvette C3 (chrome bumper; convertible)

Chrysler Cordoba (1st Gen; burgundy on burgundy)

Citroen 2CV (1st gen)

Citroen C6

Citroen Mehari

Citroen SM

Datsun 240Z

DeTomaso Pantera

Dodge La Femme

Fiat Multipla

Ford Ka

Ford Mustang II (notchback)

Ford Mustang Mach I

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

Ford Pinto (1st gen)

Ford Pinto (disco wagon)

Ford Thunderbird (1962)

Ford Thunderbird (1969-70; suicide 4-door)

Hummer H1

Jaguar 420

Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar XJ12C

Jaguar XJ220

(Jeep) Willys

Jeep FC Pickup

Jeep CJ5

Lamborghini Countach (1st gen)

Lancia Stratos Zero

Lincoln Continental (1st gen suicide; hardtop)

Lincoln Continental (suicide; limousine)

Lotus 7 / Catherham

Lotus Elan S1/S2

Lotus Exige

Mazda RX7 (1st gen)



Maserati Bora

Maserati Ghibli

Maserati Mistral

Mercedes 200

Mercedes 300SL "Gullwing"

Mercedes 450SL

Mercedes CW311

M35 "Deuce & a Half"

Oldsmobile Wagon (mid-70's vanishing tailgate)

Opel GT

Peugeot 504 (sedan)

Pontiac Aztek

Porsche 928

Renault 17

Renault 18 (sedan)

Renault Caravelle (convertible)

(Renault) Willys Interlagos (Alpine)

Rolls Royce Corniche Convertible (last gen)

Rolls Royce Phantom (contemporary)

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Cabriolet

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow (1st gen)

Routmaster double-decker bus

Saab 99

Studebaker Avanti (1st gen)

Toyota 2000GT

Triumph GT6 (last gen)

Volvo 164

Volvo 262C Bertone

Volvo C30

(VW) Manx "Dune Buggy"

VW Kharmann Ghia (early; hardtop)

VW Thing

VW Type-2 "Microbus"

VW Type-3 (convertible)


Snow Bird Candidates

  • Lexus SC 430
  • Mazda Miata
  • Mercedes SLK
  • Porsche Boxter


Cars I'd Like to Have Back

  • Citroen DS (citromatic)
  • Chrysler Crossfire
  • Renault Alliance (2nd gen; convertible)
  • Renault R12

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